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First is a Main (Welcome) page for the database.
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Essentially, this is a database of Persons.

Note: Only registered users can change the data.

Events & Details

Each Person has a life history, composed of Events, and Details about those Events. Some Events and Details may be known, some unknown.

An Event always has a Date (which may be unknown). One person can have similar Events on different dates. For instance, at the bottom of that history, there were two "Work" records.

At the top of that history, there was a special Event, called "About". That's simply an observation of the Person on some date in their history.


You can find people by name, or find people who share certain details, or list people mentioned in a given source. The result of any search is a list of Persons.

For more about Searching, see the Help section.

Types of Events

The database has a "master list" for types of Events and Details. For example, the marriage of a Person on a date is an Event. In that case, "Marriage" is the type of Event. These Event Types are just words used in all the life histories. We can see – and add to – this "master list" any time.


This database serves as a directory for our research. Thus, it has citations for our Sources.

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We appreciate any suggestions for improvements to the database.